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Welcome to ES Extended

This is the official documentation for ES Extended.

Check out our official add-ons on the ES Extended GitHub Page


es_extended is a roleplay framework for FiveM. The to-go framework for creating an economy based roleplay server on FiveM and most popular on the platform, too!

Featuring many extra resources to fit roleplaying servers, here's a taste of what's available:

  • esx_ambulancejob: play as a medic to revive players who are bleeding out. Complete with garages and respawn & bleedout system
  • esx_policejob: patrol the city and arrest players commiting crime, with armory, outfit room and garages
  • esx_vehicleshop: roleplay working in an vehicle dealership where you sell cars to players

ESX was initially developed by Gizz back in 2017 for his friend as the were creating an FiveM server and there wasn't any economy roleplaying frameworks available. The original code was written within a week or two and later open sourced, it has ever since been improved and parts been rewritten to further improve on it.


Join our Development Discord to discuss FiveM & ESX development with the staff and members. It's not a Discord to ask for help for inproper ESX installs, etc.


Join our Forum to get support for ESX. This is the proper place to ask for help.


Join our Reddit if you really love ESX!