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ESX.Game.GetPlayers(onlyOtherPlayers, returnKeyValue, returnPeds)

This function is used to get all the active players.


Argument Data Type Optional Default Value Explanation
onlyOtherPlayers boolean Yes nil (false) Only return other players than yourself?
returnKeyValue boolean Yes nil (false) If set to true it will return in a key-value table where key is player client id and key being the ped handle. Otherwise it create a index-value table, with value being either the ped handle or client id depending on returnPeds
returnPeds boolean Yes nil (false) If set to true it will return the ped handle for that player, otherwise it will return the player client id

ESX.Game.GetPlayers Example

local players = ESX.Game.GetPlayers()

for k,v in ipairs(players) do
    local targetPed = GetPlayerPed(v)
    print(('A player with server id %s found at %s!'):format(GetPlayerServerId(v), GetEntityCoords(targetPed)))