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ESX.Game.SetVehicleProperties(vehicle, props)

This function sets various properties for an vehicle object.

ESX.Game.SetVehicleProperties Example

local playerPed = PlayerPedId()

if IsPedInAnyVehicle(playerPed, false) then
    local vehicle = GetVehiclePedIsIn(playerPed, false)

    ESX.Game.SetVehicleProperties(vehicle, {
        plate = 'ESX',
        modTurbo = true

Valid Table Content

Child Data Type Explanation
model number The vehicle hash
plate number Vehicle plate, maximum 8 characters
plateIndex number Plate style
bodyHealth number Body health
engineHealth number Engine health
tankHealth number Petrol Tank health
fuelLevel number Fuel level
dirtLevel number Dirtiness level
color1 number Primary color
color2 number Secondary color
pearlescentColor number Pearlescent color
wheelColor number Wheel color
wheels number Wheel type
windowTint number
neonEnabled table Table with hardcoded four childs for left, back, front & back neons
neonColor table Packed table with three childs for r,g,b
extras table Pair table with id as index, and state as value
tyreSmokeColor table Packed table with three childs for r,g,b
modSpoilers number
modFrontBumper number
modRearBumper number
modSideSkirt number
modExhaust number
modFrame number
modGrille number
modHood number
modFender number
modRightFender number
modRoof number
modEngine number
modBrakes number
modTransmission number
modHorns number
modSuspension number
modArmor number
modTurbo boolean
modSmokeEnabled boolean
modXenon boolean
modFrontWheels number
modBackWheels number
modPlateHolder number
modVanityPlate number
modTrimA number
modOrnaments number
modDashboard number
modDial number
modDoorSpeaker number
modSeats number
modSteeringWheel number
modShifterLeavers number
modAPlate number
modSpeakers number
modTrunk number
modHydrolic number
modEngineBlock number
modAirFilter number
modStruts number
modArchCover number
modAerials number
modTrimB number
modTank number
modWindows number
modLivery number