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ESX.Game.SpawnLocalObject(modelOrHash, coords, cb)

This function spawns a local object, which is only visible to the local player and no one else.


This is an async function because it awaits the object model to be streamed, there is an example below on how to properly utilize it.


Argument Data Type Optional Default Value Explanation
modelOrHash string&number No - You can either specify a model, for example prop_cs_cuffs_01, or a object hash
coords table No - The coords where the object should be spawned. You can also parse an vector type without any issues
cb function Yes - The returned function when the object has been spawned. The invoked function has one argument, which is the object handle.

ESX.Game.SpawnLocalObject Example

ESX.Game.SpawnLocalObject('prop_cs_cuffs_01', vector3(120.0, -200.0, 30.0), function(object)
    print(DoesEntityExist(object), 'this code is async!')

print('this code is sync!')