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ESX.ShowAdvancedNotification(sender, subject, msg, textureDict, iconType, flash, saveToBrief, hudColorIndex)

This function shows an advanced notification.


Argument Data Type Optional Default Value Explanation
sender string No - Message header
subject string No - Message subject
msg string No - Message content
textureDict string No - Texture directory, see Texture Directory for accepted values
iconType number No - Icon type, see Icon Types for accepted values
flash boolean Yes false Flash the notification?
savetoBreif boolean Yes true Save to breif? Located in Pause Menu > Help
hudColorIndex number Yes nil The background color, see for available colors

ESX.ShowAdvancedNotification Example

function notification(msg)
    local mugshot, mugshotStr = ESX.Game.GetPedMugshot(PlayerPedId())
    ESX.ShowAdvancedNotification('title', 'subject', 'msg', mugshotStr, 1)

Advanced Notification Example Picture

Texture Directory

To specify an texture directory you can either simply parse an already existing notification image, or you can for example create a player mugshot with ESX.

Icon Types

Icon Type Explantation
1 Chat Box
2 Email
3 Add Friend Request
7 Right Jumping Arrow
8 RP Icon
9 $ Icon