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ESX.TriggerServerCallback(name, cb, args)

This function triggers a server callback. See ESX.RegisterServerCallback on registering server callbacks.


This is an async function and must be treated as one, examples on how to properly use the async function callback is shown below.


Argument Data Type Optional Default Value Explanation
name string No - A valid server callback name
cb function No - The returned function when the async task has completed. The invoked function a varied size of arguments depending on how many arguments are parsed from the server
args any Yes - Any arguments to parse to the async function

ESX.TriggerServerCallback Example

local myAgument = 'hello'

ESX.TriggerServerCallback('esx_example:test', function(isBusy, numKills)
    print(isBusy, numKills)
    print('this code is an asynchronous task')
end, myAgument)

print('this code is running in sync')