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This function creates a local object, it will disappear when the system deems it necessary.


Argument Data Type Optional Default Value Explanation
model string No - Sets model name
coords float No - Sets the coordinates where the model will appear
cb function Yes - Callback function


You can see all models here <Link not create yet>.


local utils = M("utils")

Example'apa_mp_h_tab_sidelrg_04', vector3(-269.4, -955.3, 31.2)) -- The local object is created'apa_mp_h_tab_sidelrg_04', vector3(-269.4, -955.3, 31.2), module.cb) -- The local object is created

module.cb = function(argument)
    Citizen.Wait(3000) -- 3 seconds
    DeleteObject(argument) -- The local object is destroyed

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