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utils.ui.showAdvancedNotification(sender, subject, msg, textureDict, iconType, flash, saveToBrief, hudColorIndex)
This function shows an advanced notification.


Argument Data Type Optional Default Value Explanation
sender string No - Message header
subject string No - Message subject
msg string No - Message content
textureDict string No - Texture directory
iconType int No - Icon type
flash boolean Yes false Flash the notification?
savetoBreif boolean Yes true Save to breif? Located in Pause Menu > Help
hudColorIndex int Yes 2 The background color


You can see Texture Directory, Icon Types and The background color <Link not create yet>.


local utils = M("utils")


utils.ui.showAdvancedNotification('This is a title', 'This is the subject', 'A simple message', 'CHAR_HUMANDEFAULT', 1, false, true, 200)

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