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There is no more esx_ resource on this version. This had been deprecated in favor of modules

What's a module?

A module is an isolated bloc that work independently from any resources or other module (except the core modules provided by esx)

How does modules work?

Modules are composed of three parts (not mandatory, you can only use of of these) :

  • client - handle all client logic (as usual)

  • server - handle all server logic (as usual)

  • shared - handle both logic

Each part are again divided in three parts in-order-to make things clearer :

  • events.lua : responsible of handling events (the code to execute when an event is received)

  • main.lua : responsible of importing needed core modules and managing the module state. (control flow)

  • module.lua : see this one as all the functions that would be useful to your module.

How to install a module?

Grab the module you'd like to install. Paste it in the es_extended/modules/__user__/ directory and add the module name to the list of the es_extended/modules/__user__/modules.json file. modules.json file should looks like this :


WARNING: The file may not already exists if it's your first installation, just create a file named modules.json in the es_extended/modules/__user__/ directory.

Why is it better?

For a better and cleaner architecture it's obviously better to have a pattern already set. You'll end up with organized files and modules.

Another thing is the performance, so far, it's more optimized to work this way.