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Here's some answers to frequently asked questions

Why does ESX not use Steam as identification anymore?

Steam identification was ditched the same time as when we ditched essentialmode. The reason is that the Steam identifier does not always belong to a Steam account that owns the game.

  • Players who buy a non-Steam copy of the game have the key tied to the Rockstar account - only
  • Players who buy a Steam copy of the game have the game tied to a Steam and Rockstar account

This means that non-Steam players can join your server with different Steam accounts to for example get the starting account balances.

The Rockstar identification tied to the game copy, this way if people want to for example farm starting account balances they will have to acquire game keys. Because of all this the Steam identifier is not eligable to use to identify a player.

Do you provide any suppport, can I receive help?

No we do not provide any support for our projects. It's a full time job to "help" people who are in constant need of help.

The majority of the FiveM scripting "community" are sadly a kind of people who don't want to learn anything and only ask others to fix their problems.

Do I need essentialmode?

No you do not. Furthermore ES has a SQL injection vulnerability, we recommend you stay away from that ancient framework.